The Launch of Agendi

12 Oct 2020

Agendi is the culmination of a vision for a sustainable future, and many years of dedication from CEO Arnaud Brohe together with partners Marie Braun and Helena Walsh.

Our new brand name Agendi, derived from the Latin term, meaning ‘what needs to be done’, is our acknowledgment of the global call to action on climate change – which we believe is the greatest challenge of our time. Pioneers in the fundamentals of greenhouse gas management, we offer a team of multidisciplinary experts to develop and implement your climate and sustainability programs.

With offices in New York and London our team has successfully delivered global climate and sustainability programs tailored to organizations of all sizes and sectors, including banking, financial services, legal, technology, and industrial manufacturing. To date, we have worked and continue to work with dozens of major US, UK and Canadian corporations on their journeys, including Fortune 500 companies.

The science tells us that the transition to a low carbon planet is essential and within reach. Our actions as business leaders, professionals and individuals dictate the speed at which this transition occurs.

Agendi’s mission is to facilitate the low carbon transition, unlock opportunities, and drive positive impact.

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