Materiality assessment

Know what matters

Conducting a materiality assessment will identify the priority sustainability areas for your business and help guide your strategy and communications.

Agendi’s bespoke materiality assessment process:

  • Identifying key internal and external stakeholders
  • Designing tailored materiality assessment process 
  • Conducting materiality study through surveys and interviews 
  • Preparing detailed double materiality report encompassing material impacts and exposure 
  • Leading interactive validation workshops   
  • Conducting benchmarking studies to meet communication expectations 
  • Presenting key insights and opportunities for action 

Agendi’s rigorous double materiality approach ensures you capture the ESG areas most material to your company.

A materiality assessment will help your business better understand your risks and opportunities and drive more resilient and responsive sustainability strategy. 

Agendi follows the materiality principles of leading frameworks including GRI and SASB. Agendi’s robust stakeholder assessment and engagement processes ensure key stakeholders are engaged and our bespoke and transparent scoring models provide a rigorous assessment of material impact.  



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