Environmental inventories

Implement a data-focused sustainability strategy

Agendi’s tailored program for environmental inventories:

  • Calculating emissions inventories (scope 1, 2, and 3), water and waste
  • Assessing product and service supply chains to determine environmental footprints
  • Delivering internal capability-building and engagement workshops
  • Devising tailored data collection tools and communication processes
  • Designing environmental inventory management plans

A successful sustainability strategy prioritizes rigorous climate data and inventory calculations. Agendi’s specialists are experienced in analyzing global business inventories of greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste.

Agendi’s inventory methodologies provide your business with robust data foundations for internal or external use to track your progress.

We assess requirements and tailor data collection plans and calculation methodologies to meet your business needs. We’ll help you achieve third-party validation with our comprehensive knowledge of best practice accounting standards like The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

Our calculation processes are built on recognized standards and methodologies. We help your company to strengthen its data collection and enable decision-making based on concrete evidence. Your company will also be able to disclose its environmental footprint to investors, regulators, employees, and consumers.

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