Renewable energy

Increase your climate resilience

Transitioning to renewable energy is an impactful and cost-effective way to reduce a company’s emissionsfootprint. In addition to improving climate resilience, it can contribute to reducing the company’s exposure to increasingly fluctuating fossil fuel and electricity prices.

Agendi’s tailored program for renewable energy strategies:

  • Evaluating current energy consumption and procurement strategy 
  • Designing strategies to achieve your energy decarbonation goals based on local renewable energy trends 
  • Leading communications and framework adherence 
  • Providing high-quality, cost-effective sourcing options for energy attribute certificates (EACs) globally, including RECs, i-RECs, and GOs. 

Agendi designs renewable energy strategies based on your current energy consumption and decarbonation roadmap. We account for international renewable markets and trends. 

Our experts advise your company on the development of a renewable energy procurement roadmap globally. Opportunities include energy attribute certificates, renewable energy tariffs, and physical and virtual power purchase agreements. We also consider on-site renewable installations and low carbon fuel switching where feasible.   

Agendi has extensive experience in best-practice frameworks like RE100 and CDP to ensure that your renewable strategy fits with broader sustainability goals. We account for your corporate goals and constraints, energy price horizons, and contractual complexities. 

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