Negative Emissions Technologies

Remove and sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide

Agendi’s Negative Emissions Technologies services:

  • Assessing negative emissions technology costs and environmental benefits
  • Analyzing lifecycle emissions and societal risks
  • Integrating negative emissions technologies into your climate strategy
  • Addressing legacy carbon footprint and litigation risks

Achieving negative emissions requires carbon to be actively captured from the atmosphere and permanently stored.

Negative Emissions Technologies (NET) must capture and permanently store carbon from the atmosphere in order to achieve negative emissions. Natural processes like afforestation, coastal habitat restoration, and soil carbon sequestration can mitigate carbon emissions. Manufactured technologies including direct air capture technology and bioenergy coupled with carbon capture and storage can remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Agendi will create a bold net-zero strategy for your firm and help analyze your carbon legacy to mitigate global climate change.

Negative emissions technologies are expanding under mandatory carbon pricing schemes and growing corporate pledges to tackle climate change and reach net-zero emissions.

Agendi helps integrate these technologies into your emissions and offset strategy. We ensure that these technologies not only align with your climate goals but provide financial opportunity for unique projects. Our goal is to help you through the NET landscape to achieve lifetime carbon neutral status.

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