Climate risks and opportunities

Mitigate risks and seize low carbon opportunities

We face uncertainty as well as immense opportunity during the transition to a low-carbon economy. Understanding this transition landscape allows your business to seize economic opportunity and prepare for future policy changes. A certain level of global warming is already locked into the atmosphere despite global emissions reduction efforts. Businesses must understand these climate-related risks to their value chains in order to implement a long-term mitigation strategy.

Agendi’s climate risk and opportunities assessment process:

  • Delivering workshops to engage key stakeholders
  • Conducting climate scenario analysis modeling
  • Identifying and analyzing climate risks and opportunities
  • Preparing internal reports to inform strategy and risks
  • Devising public report structure and content

Agendi assesses your climate-related risks and opportunities with data-driven methods including materiality assessments and climate scenario analysis. We keep you updated on fast-evolving disclosure requirements and government, investor, and stakeholder expectations.

We are experienced in conducting climate scenario analysis modeling consistent with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. We help your business translate its physical and transition risk exposure to potential financial impacts and provide a plan to future-proof operations.

Agendi evaluates your exposure to climate-related risks like carbon pricing, rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns, emerging legislation, changing market dynamics, and potential reputational concerns for your company and key suppliers.

Climate scenario analysis will enable you to progress towards best practices in disclosure frameworks  like CDP and the TCFD. Understanding and addressing your climate-related risk will increase your company’s climate resiliency, allow you to act on climate-related opportunities, and serve to climate-proof your brand reputation.

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