Offsetting and project origination

Mobilize climate finance

Companies face a major challenge in eliminating their carbon dioxide emissions given supply chain complexities and available technology. Carbon offsetting, when done correctly and with due diligence, is a critical tool for eliminating a company’s residual emissions. Each offset or carbon credit represents one ton of CO2 removed or avoided in a project. Depending on the offsets, they provide additional co-benefits for vulnerable communities, ecosystem protection, and developing economies.

Agendi’s carbon offset services:

  • Assessing carbon offset opportunities
  • Developing climate neutral roadmaps
  • Aligning offset strategies with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Engaging your value chain for offset opportunities
  • Originating certified climate projects
  • Transacting, sourcing, and retiring offsets

Agendi implements credible offset and inset strategies to ensure you achieve your climate goals.

Project origination tailors offset projects to your brand identity and values. Origination of climate projects within your value chain (insetting) helps reduce your scope 3 emissions. 

Agendi’s carbon market experts develop a sound offset strategy that is high impact, and enhances your storytelling opportunities and value for stakeholders. We define and implement offsets programs through recognized sustainability frameworks and standards. 

Agendi offers a carbon offset portfolio of credits from various technologies, including clean cookstoves, forestry, waste management, and solar and wind. Our projects span five continents and are certified under recognized standards. You can trace each offset transaction on independent third-party platforms like Verra Registry, Gold Standard Registry, Climate Action Reserve, and American Carbon Registry. 

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