Stakeholder engagement

Onboard your stakeholders 

Creating ambitious sustainability targets for your organization requires buy-in from various internal and external stakeholders.

Agendi’s stakeholder engagement process:

  • Maturing mapping of value chain
  • Assessing company needs and ambition to define the scope of stakeholder engagement
  • Identifying key internal and external stakeholders central to operationalizing your sustainability strategy
  • Conducting materiality assessments to pinpoint priority issues
  • Developing engagement strategies to ensure and facilitate stakeholder buy-in
  • Preparing stakeholder communication materials

Our experience shows that achieving climate and sustainability targets requires buy-in of internal and external stakeholders.

Agendi empowers your organization to productively engage stakeholders across your operations and value chain to ensure your sustainability priorities can be operationalized and targets achieved.

A successful sustainability strategy is tailored to your stakeholders and provide tools and processes for increasing stakeholder buy-in. Our team designs tailored engagement programs that monitor your performance against your goals.

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