Ambition assessment

Future-proof your strategy

Investors’, regulators’, employees’, and other stakeholders’ expectations are rising, and the standards and regulations set on climate and sustainability actions are continually evolving.  At Agendi, we believe the critical first step involves identifying your sustainability position agains peer, industry, and climate leaders.

Agendi’s trend watch and benchmarking services:

  • Maturity mapping and gap analysis against sustainability requirements
  • Benchmarking against peers and industry leaders
  • Sustainability maturity assessment
  • Best available technologies review
  • Industry trends analysis
  • Legal and regulatory watch


Agendi’s data-driven assessment approach allows you to understand your position vis à vis your peers and industry leaders.

An ambition assessment helps your business develop a resilient strategy to drive long-term sustainable change. Agendi defines your vision and translates best practice frameworks to facilitate stakeholder buy-in. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we’re here to support your progress.


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