Circular economy

Leverage lifecycle analysis solutions to close the loop

Agendi’s circular-economy method:

  • Identifying goals and success metrics
  • Calculating product carbon footprints
  • Reporting Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Quantifying and assessing lifecycle processes
  • Analyzing circular economy opportunities
  • Developing a circular economy strategy

A sustainable circular economy designs and produces goods in accordance with nature’s flow. Unlike a traditional cradle to grave approach, circular economic activity prioritizes mitigating waste and pollution.

Agendi identifies and implements circular economy opportunities so your business can benefit society and help preserve the environment.

Integrating circular economy principles into your business can enhance your brand image, increase efficiency and unlock untapped financial value. Agendi’s product and service carbon footprints identify your climate impact. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is one critical means to communicate verified information on the environmental performance of a product. Our team uses these concrete assessment methods to define your impact and analyze how to best minimize it.

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