Carbon pricing

Internalize climate impact in your financial planning

Agendi’s carbon pricing strategy development process:

  • Delivering workshops to engage stakeholders and build internal expertise
  • Modeling carbon price scenarios with your emissions data
  • Assessing risks and opportunities for carbon pricing
  • Designing internal carbon pricing scheme that aligns with broader environmental targets
  • Monitoring your progress

Carbon pricing accounts for the adverse societal costs of greenhouse gas emissions. A quarter of global emissions are already covered by mandatory pricing schemes. This figure is set to increase during the transition to a lower carbon future.

Agendi’s carbon pricing experts help your business navigate carbon pricing options and ensure your carbon price scheme delivers on your risk management and funding priorities.

Many global industry leaders have implemented internal carbon pricing to secure long term funding for emissions reductions and prepare for mandatory pricing schemes. Accounting for carbon costs prepares your business for likely policy changes.  You will also avoid lock-technologies and assets that would be stranded in a future with higher carbon prices.

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