Nature-based solutions

Support ecosystems and biodiversity

Agendi’s nature-based services:

  • Identifying nature-based solutions
  • Integrating nature-based solutions into your climate strategy
  • Accounting contributions towards key environmental and social metrics
  • Communicating and reporting progress

Nature-based solutions enhance our ecosystems and are pivotal in achieving a climate-safe future. Nature-based solutions include reforestation, mangrove restoration, regenerative agriculture, biochar, improved plantations, and optimal agricultural practices. Implementation and support for such projects provide wider societal benefits in food and water security, human health, disaster risk management, and economic development. 

Agendi integrates nature-based solutions into your sustainability program so ecosystem protection aligns with your climate goals.

International nature-based projects are vital for a robust emissions strategy. These solutions can be tailored to your company profile and environmental ambitions.





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