With offices in New York, London and Montreal, and a presence in Europe and across North America, Agendi brings multidisciplinary experts to develop and implement corporate climate and sustainability programs. Agendi’s talented and committed consultants are from all over the world and their diversity of experience and backgrounds is what makes Agendi unique. What they do have in common is a strong desire to create real change in the world by addressing the most pressing challenges of our lifetime. Our team provides an innovative and industry leading approach to sustainability consulting.

Arnaud Brohé CEO

Arnaud is a sustainability pioneer and author of the Handbook of Carbon Accounting (2017). He is a widely recognized expert in climate strategies and carbon markets.

Helena Walsh Managing Partner

Helena’s deep technical expertise in engineering, computer science, and management; combined with extensive international consultancy experience, positions her as a leading expert in developing and implementing effective sustainability strategies.

Valerie Van den Keybus Chief Strategy Officer

Valerie is a seasoned communication and business strategist with a broad range of experiences across continents. Today, she steers strategic opportunities and team growth at Agendi, leveraging her expertise in marketing, operations, and stakeholder engagement.

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