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Our name, Agendi, refers to a Latin word meaning “what needs to be done.” This is an acknowledgment of the global call to action for a climate secure future. At Agendi, we envision a future that achieves equality on all levels, with equal opportunities for health, education, economic stability, and a universal right to healthy ecosystems.

At Agendi, we know that all businesses have the potential to achieve true sustainability and meet global climate goals. Our mission is to unlock that potential.”— Arnaud BrohéCEO

Our mission is to unlock the potential of businesses and leaders to drive action on climate and sustainability. We seek to serve our clients, allowing them to impact the transition to a low carbon economy positively.

Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations are at the core of our business. This triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit allows us to holistically assess risks and opportunities, ensuring that both society and the environment benefit from our work.

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