Science-based targets for Nature published

24 May 2023


The Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) has just released its guidance for companies to set targets on their impacts on nature. The focus of the first release from SBTN focuses on companies’ impacts on freshwater quality/quantity and the protection/restoration of natural ecosystems.

While 2,600+ companies have already set climate targets via the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), until now there was little formalized guidance for science-based targets (SBTs) on nature. This new release allows companies to further align with global goals towards reducing negative impacts on people and planet.

The current guidance is focused on three major steps: 1) Assess; 2) Interpret & Prioritize; and 3) Measure, Set & Disclose. The full target validation process won’t come out until 2024, as 17 companies are currently road-testing the methodologies. In the meantime, other companies can begin to follow the methods and tools – which have been developed by more than 200 organizations, including 115 companies – towards having validated targets in 2024.

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