California Climate Laws: Opportunities beyond compliance

California's new climate legislation - SB 253 and SB 261 - is setting a new standard for environmental accountability. Learn about the risks and opportunities.
February 2024

Access the complete report here: Seizing opportunities beyond compliance: Climate competitiveness in this new era of transparency

California’s incoming regulations, the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (Senate Bill 253) and the Climate-Related Financial Risk Act (Senate Bill 261), slated to take effect in 2026, impose disclosure requirements for both large public and private entities operating within the state. 

The new legislation signifies a crucial moment for California (and the US), aligning with the global trend of mandatory climate-related disclosures and making significant strides toward a net-zero compatible economy. 

These statutes mandate comprehensive disclosure and public reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all scopes, including indirect Scope 3 emissions, and transparent communication of strategies to manage and reduce climate-related risks.

What to expect?

When will the new bills take effect?

What can you do to prepare and comply?

SB 253 and SB 261 aim to enhance transparency and accountability for climate impacts. Navigating this complex terrain can be challenging. Your company’s sustainability maturity, emissions intensity of your sector and commitment to climate goals will help define your approach in adapting to these new laws.

The good news: Companies with and without previous climate reporting experience can transform transition risks into opportunities. Early action equips you to navigate and/or shape the evolving landscape of environmental regulations, enhances your reputation for transparency, and prepares you for the investor scrutiny that is intensifying as markets increasingly prioritize climate resilience and responsible stewardship.

DOWNLOAD our brochure for more information and a robust implementation roadmap, or access the recording of our recent webinar with our partner, Kirkland & Ellis (February 15, 2024) for more information.

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