TCFD disclosure: where to begin and tips to progress


Date: 19th January 2021
Time: 10:00am ET
Register: Online registration

Agendi’s webinar will deliver key insights into effective climate risk analysis and reporting. As global momentum builds for mandatory TCFD disclosure, understanding the business implications of this shift early will ensure you are informed and positioned to seize climate opportunities.


Arnaud Brohé | CEO at Agendi

Arnaud is a sustainability pioneer and author of the Handbook of Carbon Accounting. He is widely recognized as an expert in climate strategies and carbon markets. Arnaud’s comprehensive experience of corporate climate and sustainability action ensures businesses are fully climate risk aware, and that they achieve the desired results of public sustainability reporting efforts.

Helena Walsh | Managing Partner at Agendi

Helena is a climate and sustainability expert with multidisciplinary consultancy experience. As an engineer and finance professional, Helena has delivered leading TCFD analyses and reporting for several global companies.

Luke Manning | Global Head of Sustainability and Enterprise Risk at Refinitiv

In Luke’s strategic leadership role at Refinitiv, he defines and implements the long-term sustainability ambitions for Refinitiv, including its environmental performance and community social impact. Luke also leads the design and governance of Refinitiv’s enterprise risk management framework, providing risk committee visibility and mitigation plans for short and long-term strategic risks across the business, including climate risk.


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